Contest for the poster of the International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP)

Contest for the poster of the International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP)

Dear Young Lasallian,

As you may know, the International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP) are held every year from September 21st, the International Day for Peace as decided by the United Nations, to October 21st. During this month, Young Lasallians from all over the world are invited to celebrate peace through concrete means, while focusing on a specific theme every year. A poster is also published every year to help advertise the campaign. And we want you to design it!

Here are a few criteria that your poster must meet if you want to see your submission to be chosen as the next ILDP poster and be promoted all across the Lasallian world.

Theme: Our Voices of Mercy are Calling for Peace

Inspired by the Institute’s theme for 2016-2017, “One Call, Many Voices”, and the Jubilee of Mercy announced by Pope Francis

Deadline: July 1st 2016

Elements that must appear on the poster:

The theme, “Our Voices of Mercy are Calling for Peace
International Lasallian Days for Peace
10th edition
September 21st to October 21st 2016
International Council of Young Lasallians

And the rest is up to you! Let the theme inspire you into designing a poster that will resonate with young people all over the world!

Please be informed that by submitting your poster, you accept to give all rights over your work to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and that the Institute may use your work in whatever way it sees fit for its own purpose without any kind of compensation.

You can send your submission to us via email at

We can’t wait to see your creativity at work! Good luck!

Young Lasallians – Jeunes lasalliens – Jóvenes lasalianos

The RELEM Young Lasallian Council met at the Generalate in Rome (1st – 3rd April, 2016) to continue with its work. At this meeting each Councilor was asked to review his/her personal work on the Council.

The members present were:

– Lorenzo Cutore (Italy) – District of Italy – Chair of the RYLC, Bérengère Pichelin (France) – District of France – Vice Chair of the RYLC, Fernando Eslava (Spain) – District of ARLEP, Joseph Gilson (Malta) – District of Ireland, Great Britain and Malta, Antoine Béland (Canada) – International YL Coordinator and Br. Jean François Morlier – General Councilor’s delegate on the Council.

Céline Gillardin (District of Belgium North), Cristina Martisca-Cosa (District of Central Europe) and Br. Aidan Kilty (General Councilor for RELEM) unfortunately could not be with us for this meeting for a variety of reasons beyond their control.

In our sessions we discusse:
– Plan of communication: The need to invite all groups and institutions to be more intentional about sharing all their activities and presence on the social media. The RYLC created a Facebook page and has plans to publish various articles about Districts’ happenings on a monthly basis. The RYLC will also be publishing some infographics to present and explain the RYLC and its mission.

– Formation Programme – Summer 2017: The RYLC is moving along with its plans for an international course for young professionals working in Lasallian schools in RELEM. This course will focus on Spirituality and Catechism in the 21st Century. This will be held in August 2017. The Council reviewed the program and proposed place and dates. More information about this will be made available soon.

– ICYL Meeting Suggestions and 5 Year Plan: The International Coordinator for Young Lasallians, Antoine Béland, explained different initiatives and projects of the International Council of Young Lasallians and the areas of priority Towards 2021. This helped the Council align its 5-Year Plan to that of the ICYL and the Institute.

– Preparation of Report to Brother Visitors Conference and a letter to Brother Visitors and the RELEM MEL Commission.

We want to thank Antoine in a special way. Firstly, for his presence, insights and help during our meeting, but also, for his unconditional and contagious dedication with which he faces the many critical projects he has been entrusted with. Chapeau, Antoine!

It was indeed another significant meeting helping us to enhance our work for the Young Lasallians in RELEM, the adolescents and young adults on which the future of the Lasallian Vocation, and Mission, depends so heavily in Europe and the Mediterranean.

LaSalleJam 2016 reúne a más de 300 scouts en Paterna.

En Semana Santa, del 24 al 27 de marzo, se celebró en Paterna “LaSalleJam 2016”. Un encuentro de grupos scouts de colegios La Salle del Distrito ARLEP.

Los grupos participantes han sido G.S. La Salle 509 de Zaragoza, G.S. La Salle  y G. S. La Salle Mundo Nuevo ambos de Jerez, G. S La Salle de Córdoba y quien nos acogía G. S. La Salle 214 del Colegio La Salle y el G. S. Alborxí-La Salle de la Escuela Profesional La Salle, ambos de Paterna.


Durante estos cuatro días, más de 300 scouts entre niños, jóvenes, educadores, comité de padres, hermanos, … hemos podido disfrutar de  diferentes actividades y visitas a Valencia, bajo un ambiente de compañerismo y escultismo.

Todo comenzaba el día jueves 24, poco a poco los grupos fueron llegando desde lejos, algunos muy temprano, otras más tarde pero al fin llegamos todos y pudimos inaugurar por todo lo alto LaSalleJam16. Se izaron por primera vez las banderas al viento, se saludó y animó a todos los presentes y se dio la bienvenida a todos a la cuarta edición de LaSalleJam.

Por la noche se realizó el gran acto de inauguración, contando con la presencia del Hno. Nacho Aguilar, delegado de Pastoral del Distrito, Hno. José María Valero, Visitador Auxiliar del Sector Valencia-Palma, Hno. Miguel Ángel Sanz, delegado de Pastoral del Sector y representantes de las dos Federaciones:  Scouts Valencians y FEV – MEV. Allí se pudo vivir escultismo en estado puro: muchas risas, agradecimientos, deseos e intenciones positivas, música y canciones scouts y muchas ganas de pasarlo bien.

Muchas gracias a todos los grupos participantes, a aquellos hermanos, directores, y personas que quisieron estar al lado nuestro disfrutando de esta gran LaSalleJam16.

No tenemos más palabras de agradecimiento, de gratitud hacia todos y cada uno de los que habéis hecho posible LaSallejam16.

Ahora solo nos quedan los sueños y esperanzas y esperar a ver… dónde será la próxima LaSalleJam.

(extracto de la nota de prensa)

Pepe Esteso.

Looking to the future

In the third week-end of November 2015 (from 20 to 22), The RELEM Young Lasallians Council met at the Generalate in Rome to consider the possibility of continuing to work with and for Young Lasallians and also to see what we can learn from  the reality of each district.

The members present were:

– Lorenzo Cutore (Italy) for District of Italy – Chair of the RYLC.

– BérengèrePichelin (France) – District of France – Vice Chair of the RYLC.

– Fernando Eslava (Spain) –  District of ARLEP

– Cristina Martisca-Cosa (Romania) – District of Central Europe

– Joseph Gilson (Malta) – District of Ireland, Great Britain and Malta

– Br. Jean François Morlier – General Councilor’s Delegate on the Council

– Br. Aidan Kilty – General Councilor for RELEM

Though the general councilor had found the person he was looking for at the last meeting, Céline Gillardin from the District of Belgium North couldn’t be with us.


In our sessions we discussed:

WYD 2016 at Krakow – for which Young People are getting organized through their Dioceses, in most districts. France is organizing a pre-WYD, specially for Lasallians but open to all the other youths,  in Beauvais.

Plan of communication –  We realize it is very impotent to share our good practice and it is important to encourage all the sectors to keep sending the good news to the district councilor and through him to RELEM and to the Institute in general.

Upcoming RELEM Young Lasallian Formation Projects – is a proposal for the next few years

a. Summer 2016 ­ WYD Krakow

b. Summer 2017 ­ Spirituality and Catechism in the 21st Century

c. Summer 2018 ­ Formation opportunity for young teachers focusing on a school related theme: Language learning-teaching; Technology, etc

d. Summer 2019 ­ Project in cooperation with RELEM NGO Group

Preparation for Conference of Visitors ­ YL RELEM Report to Brothers Visitor ­ for April 2016

Preparation of Report for ICYL 2016 meeting – was a moment of sharing and, helped by a survey, we saw the reality of  Terms, Structures, Formations Community  and Vision with  regards to the Young Lasallians  in each District

Young Lasallian Movement Italy ­ 28 Oct ­ Nov 2 2016 – Is inviting all Young Lasallians to be present and participate in the Jubilee of Mercy


Everyone left the meeting with the desire to accomplish his/her tasks to the best of their abilityl and hoping that the future  will see an increasingly fuller involvement of young Lasallians in each district.