Una fraternidad sin fronteras

Dentro del ambiente de colaboración que existe a nivel internacional entre las congregaciones de los Hermanos de las Escuelas Cristianas y de los Hermanos Maristas de la Enseñanza, las comunidades de los Hermanos Maristas de Bucarest y las de los Hermanos de La Salle de Iasi y Pildesti, han hecho juntos los Ejercicios Espirituales anuales en nuestra casa de Iasi, entre los días 23 y 29 de abril de 2017.

La temática de las meditaciones ha sido presentada por el sacerdote D. Claudiu Eva, religioso de la Congregación de los Misioneros del Verbo Divino (Verbitas) y han tenido como inspiración la Biblia y el documento sobre la Identidad y Misión del Hermano en la Iglesia, redactado y publicado en el año 2015 por la Congregación Pontificia para los Institutos de Vida Consagrada y las Sociedades de Vida apostólica.

Los once Hermanos presentes en estos días de ejercicios han tenido la oportunidad de profundizar en los temas propuestos por el citado documento y de experimentar, de un modo concreto, el valor de la fraternidad desde una perspectiva intercongregacional. La dinámica de las actividades propuestas para este retiro anual ha ayudado a los participantes  a tomar conciencia de la identidad y de la misión del Hermano en la Iglesia y a implicarse, con un nuevo elán, en el servicio a Dios y a los hombres. Los Hermanos participantes han manifestado el deseo de que esta colaboración intercongregacional se mantenga y se diversifique en el futuro

Towards the Declaration of Lasallian Pedagogy – Understanding Lasallian School in the context of the 21st century

On 24 and 25 March 2017 was held at the “La Salle” Monastery, Iasi, Romania, the second lasallian pedagogical training meeting addressed to educators and teachers from the two lasallian centers. The topic of the meeting was: Towards the Declaration of Lasallian Pedagogy – Understanding Lasallian School in the context of the 21st century. Through this work we wanted to join thousands of lasallian teachers that during this period are invited to contribute in achieving the Declaration on Lasallian Pedagogy in accordance with the timetable proposed by CIAMEL – International Council for the Lasallian Educational Mission.

The discussions and reflections on the proposed document aroused great interest and the contribution of those present will materialize in a note that will be referred to the committee which is responsible for writing the first draft of the noted document. We like to contribute further to the success of this initiative of drafting the Declaration on Lasallian Pedagogy.

“Look further … Look to the future!” – Romania

After school partnerships were concluded with the middle schools from Pildeşti and Gherăeşti, on 4 March and 11 March 2007, were held the educational-recreational activities organized by Technological High School “St. John Baptist de La Salle” with 8th grade pupils from these two schools.

The theme of the meetings was “Look further … Look to the future!”.

The objectives were: to encourage student involvement in the information process in the educational, professional and vocational training; involving the students from both schools in common extracurricular activities to help develop the spirit of team cooperation that will lead to increased quality of communication between students, between communities, between different environments, analysis capacity and responsible decision in choosing a personal training path.

The two activities were attended by about 80 students. Through these activities we want to make known our education center and its activities.

Visit to the Placement Center “House La Salle” in Iasi

With great joy and enthusiasm on March 5, 2017, 14 students accompanied by four teachers from Technological High School “St. John Baptist de La Salle” have visited the children and youth from the Placement Center “House La Salle” in Iasi. The visit is part of a series of activities proposed in the partnership between the two institutions.

After attending Mass, beneficiaries of the center and our students had the possibility to meet, to have a dialogue and to participate in organized recreational activities.

The meeting ended with a fraternal meal and a desire for more similar meetings. During the visit were offered the proceeds from the Advent Solidarity Campaign – “By giving, you will get!” a campaign involving students, teachers, parents and former students of our school. May God reward all those who contributed to this campaign!

Local and county school competition – Romania

In February, in Romania, is held a local and county school competition called the Olympics. Our students participated in the contest on technical subjects in their areas of training: Construction, Installations and Public Works and Electronics and Automation.

At the written and practical tests conducted at the county level our students have obtained the following results: Construction, Installations and Public Works, 1 st place Dămoc Mădălina Tatiana –12 th grade; 2 nd place Farcaş Alin Mihai, 11 th grade, 8 th place – Mihal Emanuel 11 th grade and 10 th place – Mărtişcă Claudiu, 11 th grade. In the field of Electronics and Automation we had the following results: 1 st place Iştoc Robert, 11 th grade, 2 nd place: Mărtişcă Vicenţiu, 11 th grade, 3 rd place, Mărtinaş Egidiu, 11 th grade and 6 th place – Burcă Cristina, 12 th grade. Iştoc Robert and Dămoc Mădălina Tatiana will represent our school and Neamt county, in the national stage of the Olympics because they obtained the best results at the county level.

Congratulations to all students and teachers for the results!

Extracurricular activities – Pildesti – Romania

Students from the Technological High School “St. John Baptist de La Salle” in Pildesti, Romania, have the opportunity to participate in many activities organized by the school under the guidance of teachers. In addition to these curricular and extracurricular activities a considerable number of them are involved in two groups: Scout – Romanian Scouts and Catholic Youth Action. These two groups perform their activities in their local communities / parishes of origin: Pildesti and Gherăeşti.

The activities are varied, from catechesis to volunteering and spending their leisure time together in the most pleasant and creative ways.

We encourage the other students to participate in these two or other existing groups, to be more useful to their peers and community.

Ecumenical Celebration during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Tehnological High School Sfântul Ioan de La Salle – Pildesti, Romania

The love of Christ asks us to pray, but aslo requires us to go beyond the mere Prayer for Christian Unity. Communities and churches need the gift of reconciliation with God who is the source of life. But they need above all to bear witness together to the world: “May they all be one; as thou, Father, art in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. “(Jn 17:21).
The world needs apostles of reconciliation to remove barriers, build bridges, bring peace and open the way for new forms of living in the name of Jesus Christ who reconciled us with God. The Holy Spirit guides us to the path of reconciliation on his behalf.
Monday, January 23, our school organized an ecumenical celebration attended by the entire educational community.

There were together in prayer with us parish priests: Ciobanica Andrei parish priest of Pildeşti community and priest Liviu Lupu, vicar of the Orthodox community in the neighboring village, Gherăeşti. The theme chosen this year for the Week of prayer was entitled Reconciliation – the love of Christ compels us (cf. 2 Cor 5.14 to 20) and the texts used in the celebration were developed by the Council of Christian Churches from Germany (ACK). This theme celebrates reconciliation, which is offered through an irrevocable manner by our faith in Jesus Christ. The love for Christ is the moving force that helps us overcome the divisions between us and pushes us towards acts of reconciliation.

During the celebration there were two symbolic actions: a first action was to build a wall (with reference to the Berlin Wall), which symbolized our sins and the division recogniyed by Christians. After the sermon this wall was turned into a cross. The second action was the symbolic lighting of 12 candles by 12 people. By doing that, all the present persons were invited to be Christ’s ambassadors and carry this light into the world, into the dark places where conflict, discord and divisions of all kind are a common obstacle to their testimony.

Nemecká svätá omša – Spojená škola de La Salle

Duchovnú prípravu na vianočné sviatky zvládli žiaci tercie a kvarty dokonca v nemeckom jazyku – aktívne sa zúčastnili na svätej omši. Liturgické odpovede a čítania sme mali nacvičené vopred a pri pochopení zmyslu kázne nám pomohli symboly. Boli to darčeky, ktoré kňaz, Tomáš Jellúš, SJ podaroval žiakom s krátkym vysvetlením, ako každá z vecí symbolizuje radosť, ktorú nám dáva Boh. Z omše sme odchádzali obdarovaní nielen vecne, ale predovšetkým duchovne a s dobrým pocitom, že vieme omšu vnímať aj v cudzom jazyku.

Christmas Packages along the Danube Project

Monday, December 12, was completed the international educational project, Christmas Packages along the Danube, promoted by the organization “Danube-Networkers for Europe” (DANET).

It was a widespread activity, as there were 50 direct participants (the School Associations and cultural organizations) from 11 countries. There were sent around 150 Christmas packages.

In the educational community of our school, we were glad that we had the opportunity to interact with students and teachers from Bulgaria, Germany and Slovakia, two colleges from Bratislava – Slovakia – and Illertissen – Germany – part of the vast network of educational lasallian centers from RELEM – European and Mediterranean Lasallian Region.

Visit of General Councilors Brothers Rafael Matas Rossello and Gustavo Ramirez to Rumania

On 5 December 2016 we had the honor of receiving the visit of two General Councilor Brothers from the Congregation of the Christian Brothers Schools namely Br. Rafael Matas Rossello, from Spain, responsible in the Congregation for Lasallian vocations and for the Lasallian Family and Br. Gustavo Ramirez, from Mexico in charge in the Congregation with the Association and with the Lasallian Educational Mission.

The meeting was attended by representatives of students, teachers, and non-teaching staff within our school, and the Signum Fidei group representatives.

The purpose of our guests’ visit was to know the reality of the Lasallian Educational Mission and of the Association in order to achieve this Mission in the two educational centers from Pildeşti and Iaşi.

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