Mourad Barsoum -Egypt-: One Of The 15 New Scouts Messengers Of Peace Heroes

Congratulations to Mourad Barsoum, young lasallian and scout, (from Egypt) one of the 15 new Scouts Messengers of Peace Heroes being recognized in Kuwait for their outstanding contributions in the areas of peace & dialogue, community development, and relief in times of need.

The Messengers of Peace Heroes Award was created in 2012 to recognise exceptional Scouts, volunteers and professionals for their outstanding work in creating a better world. Each year, Messengers of Peace Heroes are honoured with a prize at a ceremony that is designed to inspire other Scouts around the world to pursue community service that has a lasting and meaningful impact. For 2019, the ceremony held in Kuwait City on November 5th, was organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM.

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