Local and county school competition – Romania

In February, in Romania, is held a local and county school competition called the Olympics. Our students participated in the contest on technical subjects in their areas of training: Construction, Installations and Public Works and Electronics and Automation.

At the written and practical tests conducted at the county level our students have obtained the following results: Construction, Installations and Public Works, 1 st place Dămoc Mădălina Tatiana –12 th grade; 2 nd place Farcaş Alin Mihai, 11 th grade, 8 th place – Mihal Emanuel 11 th grade and 10 th place – Mărtişcă Claudiu, 11 th grade. In the field of Electronics and Automation we had the following results: 1 st place Iştoc Robert, 11 th grade, 2 nd place: Mărtişcă Vicenţiu, 11 th grade, 3 rd place, Mărtinaş Egidiu, 11 th grade and 6 th place – Burcă Cristina, 12 th grade. Iştoc Robert and Dămoc Mădălina Tatiana will represent our school and Neamt county, in the national stage of the Olympics because they obtained the best results at the county level.

Congratulations to all students and teachers for the results!

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