Creative Landscapes

After the very profitable and joyful Christmas break, we were ready to go back on track full of energy!.

Our excitement was increased as we found that some animals were waiting for us. However, these animals were quite different in comparison to the ones we are used to. We were immersed into different habitats such as the jungle, the mountains, the city, the desert, and the river. Then the big question was: who lives where?

All of us together with our teachers discovered that, for example, the vulture is a carnivorous animal living in the desert. Also, the cheetah camouflages into its habitat thanks to its fur. Oh, and let’s not forget the salmon, that fish that jumps so high that it can go over all the rocks and swims long distances counterflow. One of the most impressive animals is the snake that can be found in all the habitats we are learning!

INF_english_corner 001

All these amazing things and more will be taken into practice via different techniques such as stamping, shaping modelling, musical techniques, and so on.

There would have been no better way to start this new term. We are so looking forward to all the new places and animals that we have yet to meet!


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