Looking to the future

In the third week-end of November 2015 (from 20 to 22), The RELEM Young Lasallians Council met at the Generalate in Rome to consider the possibility of continuing to work with and for Young Lasallians and also to see what we can learn from  the reality of each district.

The members present were:

– Lorenzo Cutore (Italy) for District of Italy – Chair of the RYLC.

– BérengèrePichelin (France) – District of France – Vice Chair of the RYLC.

– Fernando Eslava (Spain) –  District of ARLEP

– Cristina Martisca-Cosa (Romania) – District of Central Europe

– Joseph Gilson (Malta) – District of Ireland, Great Britain and Malta

– Br. Jean François Morlier – General Councilor’s Delegate on the Council

– Br. Aidan Kilty – General Councilor for RELEM

Though the general councilor had found the person he was looking for at the last meeting, Céline Gillardin from the District of Belgium North couldn’t be with us.


In our sessions we discussed:

WYD 2016 at Krakow – for which Young People are getting organized through their Dioceses, in most districts. France is organizing a pre-WYD, specially for Lasallians but open to all the other youths,  in Beauvais.

Plan of communication –  We realize it is very impotent to share our good practice and it is important to encourage all the sectors to keep sending the good news to the district councilor and through him to RELEM and to the Institute in general.

Upcoming RELEM Young Lasallian Formation Projects – is a proposal for the next few years

a. Summer 2016 ­ WYD Krakow

b. Summer 2017 ­ Spirituality and Catechism in the 21st Century

c. Summer 2018 ­ Formation opportunity for young teachers focusing on a school related theme: Language learning-teaching; Technology, etc

d. Summer 2019 ­ Project in cooperation with RELEM NGO Group

Preparation for Conference of Visitors ­ YL RELEM Report to Brothers Visitor ­ for April 2016

Preparation of Report for ICYL 2016 meeting – was a moment of sharing and, helped by a survey, we saw the reality of  Terms, Structures, Formations Community  and Vision with  regards to the Young Lasallians  in each District

Young Lasallian Movement Italy ­ 28 Oct ­ Nov 2 2016 – Is inviting all Young Lasallians to be present and participate in the Jubilee of Mercy


Everyone left the meeting with the desire to accomplish his/her tasks to the best of their abilityl and hoping that the future  will see an increasingly fuller involvement of young Lasallians in each district.

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