United Kingdom – Sport is the winner as disability athletes shine

Athletes from four of the region’s schools for pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) came together today for an afternoon of sporting competition at De La Salle Academy in Croxteth.


Organised by the Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership (LSSP), pupils from Elleray Park, Princes Primary, Redbridge and Stanley Special School competed against each other in Polybat and Table Cricket which are table tennis and cricket but specially adapted to meet the needs of the participants.

Sports Leaders from De La Salle Academy help organise the event as well as acting as referees and were always on hand to provide support to the athletes who competed in both singles and doubles matches.

LSSP’s Jess McNally explained why events for SLD pupils are essential to ensure all schoolchildren are given the same opportunity to represent their school, saying: “It is imperative we give children from SLD schools the chance to compete against each other – sport is for everybody.

“These events mean all children in Merseyside get to take part and enjoy the thrill of competition.We adapt sports like cricket and table tennis to ensure their needs are met and the feedback we get is always positive.”


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