Sant Jordi – La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull

Today, 23rd April, in Catalunya we celebrate the diada of Sant Jordi. It is one of the most special
days of the year, in which Catalans celebrate the festivity of our Patron Saint and, it is also the
day of roses and books. The tradition of giving roses and books to our loved ones usually fills the
streets of our cities and towns of stores, with authors, people and lovers. Sant Jordi is a symbol
of the values of love, friendship, coexistence and culture. It is also, since 1995, World Book and
Authors Rights Day by the UNESCO. At La Salle we usually celebrate it too. This year, however,
we will do it from our confinement.
The cult to Sant Jordi extended in Catalunya in the middle Ages, being Patron Saint since 1456.
According to the legend, the knight Jordi beat the dragon after a tough fight. From the beast’s
blood, caused by the iron of the sword, a rose bush was born, that will flourish profusely every
month of April. The tradition of giving a red rose to the women you love dates back to the XV
century, and since the start of the XX century we also give a book to the men we love.

Taller de Maquetas

Sant Jordi also coincides with La Salle Festivities, baptized as “ConfinaFest” this year, and which
will last all week. A good number of students, with the help of the teachers have voluntarily
organized a range of activities with open participation for all the members of the university
community. Thank you to the enthusiasm and proactivity of Campus entities we can celebrate
our Festivities despite the circumstances.
The proposed activities go from photography challenges to sports activities, dance and cinema
forums. We celebrate the Festivity of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, remembering the most
important milestones of his life. We will have time for reflection. Educators, students and alumni
will share reflections with their peers about the situations they have had to face because of the
Coronavirus pandemic. It is important to remember that, despite our isolation, we are not alone.
The ConfinaFest will finish on Friday with the traditional joint dinner, virtual this time.

These days, we will remember, that together we beat harder.
Happy Sant Jordi!

Josep Santos

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