Lasallian Women’s Gathering

During the Year of Lasallian Vocations, the Distirct of Ireland, Great Britain and Malta will be hosting a gathering for Lasallian Women of the District and beyond. the gathering will take place 21-24 July, 2019 at one of the District’s Pastoral and Retreat Centres, St. Cassian’s Retreat Centre in Kintbury, England.

The goals of the gathering will include an opportunity:

  • to provide Lasallian Formation arround the role of women from the founding story to today
  • to offer reflection on living the Lasallian Vocation as women (single, married, mothers, other women religious)
  • to examine the role Association for Mission for women in the mission today
  • to grow a network support and community of women in the District ans Region

In the sprit os solidarity and cotinued conllaboration in the Region, and in the light of this year’s theme, Lasallians without Frontiers, we are deligted to welcome up to two women from each District in RELEM. The gathering will be in English so it wil lbe important that participants be proficient in English in order to get the most out of the programme. The approximate cost of the programme will be L 200 not including airfare and travel to the retreat centre.

Teh planning committee will be in touch in September 2018 with furter details.

Brother Laurence Hughes


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