Goodby Mr. Bedingham!

Staff gathered on Friday 16 December to wish their colleague well as he prepared to leave the College. Mr Steve Bedingham taught at St John’s for a credible 38 years and on Friday we all bid farewell to a much loved member of the College community.

Joining the College in 1978 straight after his teacher training at a De La Salle College in Manchester, Mr Bedingham dedicated 38 years to the College. Teaching a variety of subjects, he truly could lend his hand to anything.  He was also a key member of the boarding community and, during his time at the College, lived in five boarding houses.

Not surprisingly there was a queue of staff who wanted to say a few words before ‘Mr B’ left.  Firstly Mrs Sally Williams, who worked with Mr B for 25 years, spoke of a ‘library of memories’ for which he will be remembered. Mrs Audsley, Head of History, enthused about his narrative style of teaching history and how he has inspired so many with his fantastic story-telling. Mrs Standen, his colleague in EAL, demonstrated how much respect our overseas students have for their teacher. When asked in the IELTS exam to speak about someone who has influenced them, nine out of ten students spoke about Mr Bedingham – students never have a problem talking so positively about their teacher, Mrs Standen told us.

Brother Ben closed by explaining how Mr Bedingham’s connection with the College goes back over 50 years, when he was educated at another De La Salle school.  Brother Ben commended Mr Bedingham for his spirit of faith and zeal and, as agreed by many, his willingness to be of service.

We wish you well Mr Bedingham – thank you for all you have done for the College, and the thousands of students who have passed through under your care and guidance.

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