Boarders Weekend Activities Personal Skills Workshop – St. John’s College Southsea

The boarders enjoyed their first week back after the Christmas break and with the senior pupils going straight into their mock exams, it was a quiet week as they got their heads down and worked hard on their revision.

This weekend the boarders enjoyed a relaxing morning on Saturday; the U15 boys’ played Hockey against KES Witley, however due to the weather the rest of the matches were cancelled. The girls enjoyed a good training session in the Sports Hall instead of playing their planned fixture against LVS, Ascot. On Saturday evening, a group of 21 boarders went over to Gosport Leisure Centre to enjoy an hour and a half of exclusive use of their inflatable challenge in the swimming pool. It was a lovely evening for everyone and something that we will definitely do again.

On Sunday afternoon 60 boarders joined in with a ‘personal skills’ activity. They made their way around six different ‘stations’ in 90 minutes, focusing on developing their knowledge and skills in the following areas: car maintenance and repair, public speaking, kitchen hygiene, sewing, laundry and ironing and finally nutrition. It was lovely to see everyone engaging in the sessions and was interesting speaking to the boarders later in the evening and seeing how much they had taken on and retained! Hopefully, they will be able to put this new-found knowledge to good use in the future, especially if they head onto university or into the ‘Big wide world’.

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