RELEM MEL Council in Rome

On Monday and Tuesday 27th and 28th May 2024, the RELEM MEL Council, together with the RELEM Team, held the meeting corresponding to the third trimester of the 2023-2024 academic year. As usual, it was held at the Generalate.

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Monday’s session was devoted to a brief reminder of the projects approved to form part of Proyecto Levadura, as a region, thinking about what the next ones should be.

Subsequently, in smaller groups, we discussed the dynamics which could be developed around three themes which emerged from the last Regional Assembly: Accompanying Young Lasallians, Evangelisation and connecting the Region with the teams and commissions of the Institute. On Tuesday, almost the whole morning was given over to the working group on axis no. 1, which emerged from the Assembly, to comment on its work plan in order to be able to be present within the time limit set for the Assembly. There was a presentation of the experience lived by the Young Lasallians in Upper Egypt, within the movement of “Fraternity in action”. There was also an update on life in the Districts, bringing us up to date on the various situations being experienced at District and Delegation level.

The meeting was used as an opportunity to say goodbye and to thank Brother Jesús Félix Martínez for his work as councillor of the Arlep district over the last few years.