the Lasallian Women´s Symposium 2017

Dear Lasallian Women – Partners in the Ministry of Human and Christian Education,

I am writing to encourage you to participate in the Lasallian Women´s Symposium 2017.  This wonderful event will be held in Auckland from 16-19 July 2017.

I ask that you give serious consideration to participation in the Symposium; after all, women represent over fifty percent of all Lasallians and make unique contributions to our mission.  Building relationships, the ability to motivate others, a willingness to change and a fundamental role in passing on religious and spiritual realities are some of the qualities you bring to our educational communities.

The Symposium will provide you with opportunties for increased networking,  empowerment for leadership roles and the sharing of experiences.  Your participation will enrich the Lasallian Family in your District and Region.

I believe that you have been called by God to serve the Lasallian mission and that you have been given the grace of teaching for the sake of the children and young people entrusted to your responsibility.  (Cf. MTR1.2  Your participation in the Symposium will make you an even  better mediator of God’s graces as a committed Lasallian educator.
I look forward to meeting many of you in Auckland !


Br. Robert Schieler

Superiore Generale

Useful informations

Lasallian Global Women’s Symposium 2017

  • Venue and date: Auckland Crowne Plaza from 16-19 July 2017. This is a SAFE and BEAUTIFUL country for people to visit. Basic cost is around $1,000 NZD (shared room) plus travel.
  • A GLOBAL gathering- we invite women from every country world-wide to participate. We are aiming for “100+ women for De La Salle” and to have as many countries as possible represented.
  • We are building on the success of similar events in PARC and other regions. It is a NATURAL PROGRESSION (and time) for women to now come together globally.
  • The theme for the symposium is “Lasallian women as change makers”, recognising the distinct ROLE AND IDENTITY OF WOMEN in the Lasallian mission, especially as catalysts for change.
  • Lasallian women- 54% OF THE WORK FORCE-  have a pivotal role to play in ensuring the global Lasallian mission is vibrant and sustainable over coming decades.
  • OUTCOMES that will benefit the mission both locally and globally:
  1. Increased understanding, recognition and affirmation of the distinct role and identity of women in the mission, especially as catalysts of change.
  1. Raised awareness that women are critical to enabling the achievement of mission goals and are essential to the future sustainability of the mission.
  1. Lasallian women are able to contribute to the mission with a confident collective voice (especially in cultures where women are not as “heard”)
  1. The building of sustainable, ongoing relationships that support association between women, and provide opportunities for mutual growth and support.
  1. The promotion of the Lasallian vocation as a desirable and accessible option for young women and girls.

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