RELEM MEL Assembly – Asamblea de la MEL – Assamblée de la MEL

Feb 1st 2017

Dear Lasallians,

Following the approval of the RELEM Conference of Brother Visitors at its recent meeting in Alexandria, I am pleased to formally announce the convocation of the first Regional Assembly on Lasallian Mission (MEL). The Assembly will take place in Rome from October 14th to 20th 2018.

With a view to sustaining the Lasallian mission in the Region of RELEM into the future, the objectives of the Assembly will be:

1. To devise new structures for the organization of the Lasallian mission for the future
2. To promote formation in Lasallian ethos and heritage in the Region
3. To promote the Lasallian identity of our institutions and structures in the Region.

While the opening date of the Assembly is seemingly still far-off, it is essential that the necessary preparatory work begin immediately if the Assembly is to be fruitful. The initial preparatory work is the responsibility of the RELEM Team in collaboration with the RELEM MEL Group that includes the MEL coordinator of each District or Delegation in the Region. These MEL coordinators, in collaboration with their Brother Visitors, will be responsible for ensuring that District/Delegation participants for the Assembly are nominated by the end of May 2017 so that working-groups can be created to facilitate the next stage of the preparatory work of the Assembly.

Over the next few months, further information as to how Districts/Delegations will be involved in the process will be made available through your MEL coordinators. Given the crucial challenges facing the Lasallian mission throughout the Region at this time, it is essential that the participants of each District/Delegation are prepared to actively participate at each stage of the process as we seek to find effective structures to ensure the sustainability of the Lasallian mission in the Region.

With thanks in anticipation for your cooperation,Brother Aidan Kilty (General Councilor with responsibility for RELEM)

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Approved documents – Documents approuvés – Documentos aprobados

ENGLISH: Identity Formation Structures

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ESPAÑOL: Identidad Formación Estructuras

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